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TradingMotives provides the knowledge of Median Line Analytics to help you decipher charts with high confidence.

Get only the analysis you need from your selected Group Reports

Reports are divided into 4 distinct groups with significant coverage and a common focus to find strong trends to enter:

You select just the group(s) that interest you. Diversification is achieved by subscribing to 2 or more groups and you can save more by selecting different subscription periods for each group. The report format is the same for each group.

Metals and Energy

Indices and Equities

Forex and Cryptos

Forex and Cryptos

Metals and Energy

Metals and Energy

Popular Equities

Popular Equities

Select the groups that fit your needs.

Here are the entities commonly reviewed for trends for each group.
Many of these entities are generally covered in Monthly Reports for each group – to find or track Motive Waves.

Here are samples of Weekly video reports for each group

Indices and Equities

Metals and Energy

Forex and Crypto

Popular Equities

What you’ll get

TradingMotives uses monthly and weekly video reports which are posted on a calendar so you can see the latest and reference historical reports.

Intra-week updates on shortlisted entities are posted in the Chart Room.

Monthly and Weekly Market Video Reports

Video reports that take a “helicopter view” of market charts in a group (weekly, daily), then focus on intraday for specific charts of interest.

If you can see the trees clearly, you can trade the wood.

The Monthly & Weekly reports are used to identify entities that:

  • are about to start trends (motive waves) > 240-min timeframe
  • are already in strong developing trends (weekly, daily), so you can decide whether to get on board
  • display high confidence clarity and validation with Median Line Analytics
  • have clear momentum signals
  • have recognizable patterns (or Elliott waves)

Entities satisfying these criteria are then placed on the “MOTIVES WATCHLIST” as tradeable opportunities.

  • The priority is to find trends on weekly, daily and 240-min timeframes that last for weeks, months and sometimes years.
  • Report content is displayed at the start of each video so you can fast forward to your priority content if you don’t have time to watch in entirety.
  • The reports demonstrate application of Median Line Analytics in real time for educational and informational purposes.

Median Line Analytics makes it easier for you to evaluate risk on trending entities so you can decide whether to enter, hold, exit, or stand aside.

The Chart Room

This is where entities on the MOTIVES WATCHLIST are monitored more closely intra-week. These are tradeable opportunities.

During each week, you will get Chart Room Updates that:

  • are generally, on daily, 240-min and 60-min charts 2 to 4 times a week
  • monitor intraday changes in price and momentum behavior (charts and short videos)
  • help to identify lines of potential action and reaction, relevant for risk evaluation and risk management.

You can also post your comments and questions in the Chart Room.

Sample Chart Room

Secondary Tools

When an entity is trending, Fibonacci retracements, expansions and extensions are often applied to the charts as a secondary tool to the Median Line Analytics to help monitor:

  • momentum reversal projections
  • rules and guidelines for the Elliott wave principle

The Fibonacci analysis compliments the Median Line Analytics to help identify significant pivots.

When you subscribe, you will also get free access to basic educational material and this contains some information about these secondary tools.

Still unsure?

Take a heavily discounted 2 week trial for a group to help you decide, or sign up for the free chart of the week.