Looking for Trading Methods that really work?

If you are, see if you can resonate with Median Lines. The methods have been in use for more than 80 years, are well documented and incredibly effective.

Are there proven Strategies and Rules for the use of Median Lines (Andrews Pitchforks)?

Yes. There are “base” strategies and rules There are countless examples of the methods. Not only do the Median Lines tell you about trend, support, and resistance, they can be used to evaluate risk and define low risk entry points and pre-warn of changes in price behavior that might lead to a trend change. Median Lines give a lot of guidance on where price is headed.

How can I see examples of the methods working?

There is some free learning material and examples on www.tradingmotives.com. Trading setups are also identified & updated regularly in the Premium Group Reports.

How can I learn about the Trading Methods?

Apart from the free learning material, there are on-demand e-Courses available. The Pitchfork Primer e-Course is based on the original work of Dr Alan Andrews and is structured with mentoring so that you learn the methods & then practice on your own examples and submit these for mentor feedback. This process helps to accelerate learning.

6 Great Reasons to Learn about Median Lines and the Pitchfork Primer Course for Trading:

  • Median Lines define Trend, support & resistance in the line of the trend;
  • If you know where support & resistance are likely to be you can use that for risk evaluation and risk management;
  • They monitor price behavior and pre-warn when trends are about to start, or end;
  • There are clear proven trading strategies and methods for defining price projections;
  • Median Lines work on all timeframes on all entities;
  • You can visually see them working.

What else is in the course?

  • Price projection methods based on price contained within sideways channels
  • Patterns associated with the start & end of trends
  • Techniques that help to anticipate trend changes
  • 20 Trading Rules developed by Dr Andrews

How can I find out more before making a commitment?


The video outlines some of the key content.


TradingMotives focuses on finding strong trends to trade using Median Line Analytics. The methods originated more than 80 years ago, are proven, well documented and extremely effective on all market entities on all time frames. The methods are outlined in on-demand e-Courses and weekly and intra-week reports showcase trading applications in real markets, in real time.

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