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Learning to Trade – Need help?

Mentoring is extremely valuable for the process of learning to trade

It’s not as simple as learning how to read a chart. There are many different facets.

Learning to apply technical analysis to be a consistently successful trader or investor can be simplified with the use of mentoring. Working with a mentor is quite a commitment for both parties. There is no substitute for experience and you can avoid painful learning curves by working with someone you can relate to and have confidence in.

Like any profession, it takes training, research and real-time experience to build proficient capability. Don’t expect to become a master in a matter of weeks and be cautious about anyone who is promoting services that sound too good to be true.

While there are common themes with Median Line Analytics, you can customize some of the applications to fit your trading or investment preferences and this can include harder focus on your preferred timeframes. This customization is important to better fit your trading & investing personality.

Graham Corbishley is a professional trader and investor

Many market analysts are not traders or investors and there is quite a distinction between the two skill-sets.

While you might have sound analytical methods and trading rules, your own worst enemy as a discretionary trader is yourself. So, if your analysis and risk evaluation is sound, but you meddle with your trade plans in an adverse way after they are triggered, then you will need to work harder at self-discipline.

It’s also very important to make sure that your risk exposure is not too high or that your leverage is not unduly excessive, because these factors are the biggest cause of trader stress, which can lead to meddling and account washout.

What Graham encourages traders to do is this:

  • Work with an experienced and credible Mentor to help guide your development as a trader in a real-time environment.
  • Adopt a method of technical analysis that you and your Mentor can relate to and back test it thoroughly (hundreds of times) in several timeframes to gain familiarity with the method’s strengths, weaknesses and ability to identify a trading edge, risk exposure and price projections. Document this back testing thoroughly and use it to identify your preferred higher probability trade setup methodologies and strategies that you will use exclusively for all your trading;
  • Develop a set of “trade triggers” that allow you to enter your preferred trade methodologies and strategies when certain conditions are met (particularly with respect to low risk);
  • Learn how to apply your preferred trade methodologies and strategies in real time;
  • Document a trade plan for every real-time trade including risk evaluation, risk management, position sizing, monitoring and exit strategies and always using real money. Real money helps to build and condition “trader fortitude”, which a practice account will not, but use very small positions until you can demonstrate to yourself that your holistic methodology is working in a way that is consistently growing your equity curve.
  • Review your documentation frequently and use it for “lessons learnt” to debrief with your mentor and continue to improve as a trader.
  • Put Risk management and Capital Preservation at the highest level of priority with every trade;
Graham Corbishley

Graham Corbishley

Mentoring Sessions

Slots for mentoring are limited. The sessions are structures depending on your level of experience with Median Lines and are run exclusively one-on-one with TradingMotives’ Graham Corbishley.

The sessions will be run on a link that will allow both parties to talk with each other while screen sharing. The sessions will be recorded and downloadable so that you can review the content again in your own time.

The best way to approach a potential mentoring relationship is to have an initial session to help Graham assess your level of proficiency and to cover some of the basics of Median Line Analytics to help ensure common understanding. You can also show some of your analysis on your charts.

If you are then comfortable with what Graham has to offer and want to progress further with mentoring, he will then be able to structure a package, or a series of mini packages to help you enhance your trading and investing success using Median Line Analytics. Once you book a session, Graham will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct the session.

If you want to know more about the mentoring service before you commit, please email me .

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