TradingMotives provides reports and education to showcase Median Line Analytics on Financial Markets to identify:

  • Entities with strong trends – opportunities to help grow equity
  • Potential “road-maps” for price in strong trends
  • How to evaluate & quantify risk
  • How to use changes in price behaviors to enter and exit the trends


TradingMotives is wholly owned by TAG Global Investments Ltd, a NZ registered private company. TradingMotives showcases Median Line Analytics which is a method of technical analysis for financial markets. The analytics is used to help cut through financial market noise to try and see a clearer, more objective picture for price behavior. Four different market groups are covered to demonstrate the application of Median Line Analytics in real time.

Median Line Analytics is forward looking to focus on what price might do in the future, as opposed to “analysis of historical market behaviors” to see what price has done. You can’t trade history, but you can trade the future.

TradingMotives’ analytical methods are largely based on the work of Dr. Alan Andrews (of “Andrews Pitchfork” fame). Further interpretations have been developed based on significant back testing and real-time testing.

The analytics is applied to significant price pivots in each time frame under consideration. TradingMotives focuses on finding strong trends to trade or invest in.

Our focus is to help keep the work of Dr. Andrews alive and current for the benefit of traders and investors. There is not a lot of publicly available information on Dr. Andrews work. As a result, the pitchfork is often misused by inexperienced chartists.

TradingMotives’ mission is to build a network of traders and investors who also see the significant value in Dr. Andrews work and in the enhancements made to it.


Trade Market Pivots


Cutting through financial market noise to enhance your trading & investing with simple, objective market analytics.

Graham Corbishley is the founder of TradingMotives.com

Graham has been investing in equity markets since 1986 and trading full time since 2007.

The reports provided on TradingMotives.com demonstrate his regular routines to research and capture actionable trading and investment opportunities using Median Line Analytics.

Prior to 2007, Graham’s roles focused on civil engineering, including 10 years of managing various companies in the energy sector in Australasia, South East Asia and South America. He built a strong reputation for leading teams to develop and operate large sustainable energy projects. A common theme for the success of those companies involved a hard focus on developing strategies to identify and manage risks.

So, how does this experience relate to trading? Risk evaluation and risk management are the most important activities for successful and sustainable trading and investing. Graham has applied his experience to his focus on financial markets and only utilizes methods of technical analysis that are very effective at deciphering market charts as well as identifying and quantifying risk.

Graham has built significant experience on the use of Dr. Andrews’ methods. He was fortunate to have spent time studying with Gordon DeRoos who was a former student and friend of Dr. Andrews. Gordon’s material used for mentoring was based on the educational courses that Dr. Andrews ran for students of the markets during the 1970’s and 80’s.

Unfortunately, Gordon passed away in 2015. Graham is truly indebted to him for sharing his knowledge in the way that he did. The Andrew’s Pitchfork is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands, with the right knowledge.

Graham has developed his own edge with the use of the Andrew Pitchfork. He refers to it as a “Median Line” because that is the most important element of it. Graham has developed methodologies to apply median lines to classical chart patterns, to Elliott waves and to momentum. This enhances the use of Median Lines and their ability to show potential road-maps for price in all markets.

Graham Corbishley

Graham Corbishley


Gordon DeRoos’s daughter is now maintaining his original website and you can obtain copies of some of Gordon’s course material and publications there: