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On-Demand Educational courses are available in addition to free basic educational material that is provided on the "Learning" page. When combined with the Subscription Reports, you will be able to see how to trade small positions while you study the On-Demand Courses. This is approach is very valuable for learning to trade in real time. Testimonials below.

Median Lines - Basics e-Course

  • Four comprehensive on-demand modules (PDF & video)
  • Four Critical Steps to Improve your Trading
  • Median Line applications for everyday use
  • Learn Risk evaluation, Risk Management & position sizing
  • The importance of correlations

COURSE 1 – Basics – 4 Critical Steps to Improve Your Trading using Median Line Analytics

Basics e-Course to teach you the 4 critical steps Graham uses for trading using Median Line Analytics. Covers:

  • Terminology & Basic analytics before placing a trade
  • Risk evaluation prior to entering a trade
  • Risk evaluation and risk management during a trade
  • Relative strength correlations used to outperform the Market
  • Bonus Module on continuous learning and journal records


Basic Course Overview
  • A 4-part on-demand course for traders who have a strong interest in learning how to apply basic Median Line Analytics to improve trading success.
  • Each session will reveal significant insight from a seasoned professional trader who is passionate about Median Line Analytics and who can relate to the challenges of learning to trade successfully, consistently and professionally.
  • Build you confidence with the application of Median Line Analytics
  • Will also help you to interpret TradingMotives’ Reports more fully.
On-demand Module 1 - Terminology and Basic analytics before placing a trade
Learn the terminology and the basics how to apply Median Line Analytics to market charts:



  • Basic Terminology (Pivots, Median Line, Modified Schiff, Schiff)
  • Use of Sliding Parallels to detect Changes in Price Behavior
  • Use of Warning Lines when price moves outside the Median Line parallels
  • Median Line Validation (action & reaction)
  • Basic Applications Using 3 significant pivots to find the 4th.
  • Using Multiple Time frames to evaluate price in the direction of larger trend
  • Using corrections within a trend for entry then monitoring a trend
  • Basic interpretations for momentum using RSI
  • Examples for Practice

Video length 52 minutes.

On-demand Module 2 - Basic risk evaluation prior to entering a trade – ESSENTIAL SKILLS
Successful trades rely on asymmetric risk/reward ratios in favor of reward. Many amateur traders only think of rewards and big gains and the fear of missing out leads to greed, which eventually leads to account burnout.

A key to trading success is to put risk as your highest priority to evaluate and manage throughout each trade. Effective risk management leads to less stress, which helps build “trader fortitude”:

  • Use Median Line Analytics & validations to evaluate risk
  • Quantifying your initial entry risk
  • Successive entries in a trend
  • Counter-trends within a trend
  • Continuation of trend after a correction – risk & stop loss adjustment
  • Risk management & Position sizing
  • Progressive adjustment of Stop Loss using action & reaction to the ML & SH’s

Video length 31 minutes.

On-demand Module 3 - Median Lines - Basic risk evaluation and risk management during a trade – HIGH PRIORITY
Now that you are in a trade, you can’t just sit on your hands. Get to a risk-free position as quickly as possible if the trend unfolds in your favor. Getting to risk free quickly on a trade helps immensely with managing “trader emotions”.


  • Applying Modules 1 & 2 to a trade evaluation & execution Example $GE
  • The process for getting to a “break even” trade as quickly as possible
  • Use price action and reaction to reduce risk & determine where to place your stop losses as price unfolds in a trend
  • How to pyramid the original position
  • Price projections & profit exits using Fibonacci extensions & retracements
  • The importance of the 1% risk guideline
  • The advantages of position trading
  • Trade example (Bitcoin)

Video lenght 49 minutes

On-demand Module 4 - Outperform the Market using Relative Strength Correlations and Comparisons
  • Relative strength correlations. Example $DJIA and its constituents
  • Relative strength correlations. Example on US Sector ETF’s versus $SPY
  • Relative strength correlations. Example on Bitcoin versus other coins
  • Relative strength comparisons. Example on Bitcoin versus Litecoin
  • Ratios to compare relative strength. Example $ETHBTC
  • Relative strength correlations. Example on Forex USD Index versus other USD pairs
  • Relative strength comparisons. Example on E-Mini versus other Indices
  • Relative strength correlations. Example on US Sector ETF’s versus $SPY

Video length 31 minutes.

Q&A – unsure about something covered in the course?
During the course if you have any questions you’ll be able to email . Student’s questions with answers will be added to the course page for all students to benefit from.

“The Basic e-Course is super helpful and comprehensive. I have gone through it several times now and pick up new tips each time. I really wish I had found this sooner. It would have saved me a lot of trading losses.”

Athan, Kansas

“It’s information overload on the internet when you’re trying to learn to trade and I was finding it very hard to find my feet. Then I found TradingMotives. What a difference that has made. In the “On Demand Basic Course” Graham made me realize that the true value of a teacher lies in the ability to explain the methods in simple terms. Couldn’t recommend the site or the course highly enough!” 

Tim, Western Australia

“I was struggling with trading & didn’t know what to do to fix that. I then followed TradingMotives on Twitter for a while – it was like a light bulb going on. I subscribed & took the Basic e-Course. What a huge difference this has made. The course isn’t just about technical analysis, its about how to trade using very simple, effective methods. I now have a clear direction, am growing equity & am hugely grateful.” 

Kate, Sydney

“I had been trying to learn to trade by following people on Twitter. I was all hyped up about Crypto (like everyone else), but it took a few big losses to tell me I didn’t know what I was doing. TradingMotives posted some really good charts & advice, so I joined & did their Basic Course. This has made a huge difference. I still have heaps to learn, but I finally have direction. Thanks Graham. Awesome course” 

William, LA

“Came across this great website while on Twitter. I’d never heard of this kind of trading method before so I was keen to learn more. The Basic Course has completely changed the way I’m learning to trade. I no longer need multiple indicators cluttering up my screen and using median lines easily shows me what the overall trend is. This has given me better confidence and I’m also more patient and don’t rush into trades anymore.” 

Alan, UK

“I would highly recommend the On Demand e-Course to anybody who is serious about learning to trade using Median Lines. Grahams course is comprehensive and he explains the concepts in a way that is easily understood. You are then able to apply these techniques to trade any market and time frame. Grahams subscription service provides regular chart updates and weekly reviews that really enhance your learning in real time. I believe his services are the best available.”


Scott P. Perth, Australia

Many more testimonials available if needed.

Pitchfork Primer e-Course

  • Six comprehensive on-demand modules (PDF & Videos)
  • 45+ video lessons showing powerful techniques & rules
  • Hundreds of chart examples to build confidence 
  • Submit your charts for mentored review to accelerate learning
  • Learn Dr Andrews’ Trading Rules & Strategies

COURSE 2 – Pitchfork Primer e-Course – 6 Interactive Learning Modules – Basics to Intermediate Level

Pitchfork Primer e-Course (originally taught by the late Gordon DeRoos – a commodities trader, friend & student of Dr Andrews).

  • Mentored e-Course to accelerate learning advanced techniques
  • Includes original work and rules developed by Dr. Alan Andrews
  • Videos, pdf’s – current charts (FX, Crypto, stocks, indices, metals and more)
  • Highly profitable proven techniques – reversals, projections, price behavior
  • Submit charts to fast-track your learning – structured and cost effective




Pitchfork Primer e-Course Lesson 1 - PRICE PIVOTS
  • The course begins with an introduction to the way Dr. Andrews studied price pivots and shows some of the different ways he drew his pitchforks on a chart.
  • Learn how he used the median line to anticipate future price movement and the special way he used the median line to project the probable time and price level of a trend change.
  • These are the first steps towards successful application of Dr. Andrews’ trading methods.
Pitchfork Primer e-Course Lesson 2 - SIDEWAYS COUNT
  • In this lesson, you’ll learn a technique Dr. Andrews called his “Sideways Count” for price projections
  • The price projection methods are applied to price behavior that forms within channels and can be used as an auxiliary tool with the pitchfork.
  • The projected price targets are reached with routine frequency.
  • This section is a common favorite with course members.
Pitchfork Primer e-Course Lesson 3 - ACTION/REACTION
  • In this lesson, you’ll discover Dr. Andrews’ “Action/Reaction” method.
  • The technique is an extension of the pitchfork concept, and alerts the trader to potential buy and sell price levels that seldom mirror traditional support and resistance areas.
  • Not many traders are aware of this procedure. It’s somewhat more challenging to apply than his other techniques, but course members agree the time spent learning it has paid dividends.
Pitchfork Primer e-Course Lesson 4 - TREND CHANGE Part A
  • In the next 2 lessons, you’ll learn several little-known trading techniques that Dr. Andrews used in his own trading. They add the finishing touch to his primary course methods.
  • You’ll learn a systematic way to identify a change of trend; how to configure several supplemental techniques Dr. Andrews routinely used with his median line technique, including the Mini-Median Line; the Schiff Median Line; the Sliding Parallel Line; the Warning Line; the Reverse Median Line; the Price Failure Technique, Hagopian’s rule, and several others.
Pitchfork Primer e-Course Lesson 5 - TREND CHANGE Part B
  • In Part B of this lesson, you’ll learn a systematic way to identify a change of trend; how to configure several supplemental techniques Dr. Andrews routinely used with his median line technique, including the Mini-Median Line; the Schiff Median Line; the Sliding Parallel Line; the Warning Line; the Reverse Median Line; the Price Failure Technique, Hagopian’s rule, and several others.
Pitchfork Primer e-Course Lesson 6 - TRADING RULES
  • The final unit. In this lesson you’ll learn the trading rules that Dr. Andrews developed for use with his Pitchfork and other trading techniques.
  • These rules represent the “nuts and bolts” of his Action/Reaction methods. They make the difference between knowing how to draw Dr. Andrew’s lines, and knowing how to successfully use them.
  • You’ll have the chance to review and apply each trading rule, using charts of your choice. As you proceed through the course, you’ll very likely be surprised at the number of supplemental techniques Dr. Andrews relied on for use with his median line and related action/reaction techniques….techniques that he used for fine-tuning his analysis in order to pinpoint the price level for entry and exit trade orders.
BONUS Module - Additional Tips and Techniques
  • Bonus Module

“The course was amazing. You showed me a lot of proven trading methods and rules. The videos were very informative and helped reinforce each lesson. The homework was perfect and made me put the lessons into action which helped build my confidence in the methods. You were super helpful to get me up the learning curve. This is a comprehensive and fantastic training program and has already improved my trading performance. Graham, the course is fantastic, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Athan, Kansas

“This course has been a game changer for me. I found I could relate to the methods very easily and have since adopted some of the rules as my own trading strategies. More importantly, my equity curve is growing from trades using the methods I have learnt. Thank you for your excellent mentoring and patience Graham. I can now see why you are hooked on these methods” 

Kate, Sydney

 “I can highly recommend the Pitchfork Primer course for anybody who is serious about learning how to trade using Median Line analysis. Graham is an expert in his field, and the course content and tuition provided is outstanding. Since completing the course my trading has improved greatly, and the course represents exceptional value for money.”

Scott, Perth

Quite simply the best course I have ever done. If you are looking for an edge in financial markets then look no further. Graham is THE guru when it comes to making money trading and it is rare to find someone this genuine when it comes to an industry ruled by fear and greed.


Tim, Perth, WA

“The Pitcher Primer e-course not only provided me with an in-depth coverage of Andrews Pitchfork but it also focused on the practical aspects of the rules and guidelines of using median lines (ML).   What I enjoyed the most was the valuable learning experience from the course instructor Graham whose feedback on the assignments was constructive and insightful.   Graham’s enthusiasm and patience exceeded my expectations and his guidance has helped me get back on track to profitable trading.     Thank you, Graham” 


S. Hui, HK

Many more testimonials available if needed.

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