Most people struggle to grow wealth simply because they are not trained to recognise financial opportunities staring them in the face. I can help change that.

Proven Pro Trading Techniques - easy to pick up & understand. Crypto, Forex, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Energy, Bonds & more
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Actionable swing trading analysis. Education, mentoring, trade planning, risk management & trade execution.

TradingMotives is all about market evaluation, identification of opportunities, education & mentoring to show how to seize the opportunities:
  • Growing wealth using swing trading – proven methods (over 80+ years) with rules & guidelines.
  • Integrated focus on objective trading strategies, planning, risk management & trader mindset.
  • Reports show high probability trade opportunities.
  • Once we see the setup opportunities – we wait for low risk entry triggers.
  • Basic & more advanced interactive e-Courses to teach the methods.
  • NEW trading tactics for Classical Chart & Elliott Wave Patterns.
Simple TREND TRADING & RISK evaluation methods.

These time-tested methods are easy to learn & very effective.

See for yourself. Trial only $10 for 2 weeks. Select your group(s) of interest & follow.

For traders

For traders

Time tested methods work on all entities from #Crypto to #Crude to #Citibank to #Canola. Excellent for Risk evaluation.
For investors

Want to see more applications?

The methods use Median Lines. Simple to learn & use. They yield so much important information for Trading.

As a Member, you will receive:

  • Weekly Reports for the group(s) you subscribe to – demonstrating Median Line Analytics on Actionable Trades
  • Watch list of of the actionable trends (Motives) in progress (& trends about to start & end)
  • Intra-week Chart Room updates – (generally live MTWT from 2.00pm to 8.00pm EST).
  • Responses to your questions posted either in the Chart Room, by DM or email.
  • Free educational Material demonstrating the basic methods.
  • Twitter notifications for important updates

Our Report Groups

  • Indices and Equities
  • Forex and Crypto
  • Metals and Energy
  • Popular Equities

If you love Crypto, just subscribe to Forex & Crypto niche group. That way, you only pay for what you need.

Choose your group(s) of interest so you can focus more closely on what really interests you.

This is how we Report:

Market Videos

Comprehensive Weekly video reports in each group that identify watch listed actionable trends (motive waves on weekly, daily & 240-min).

Chart Room Access

Posted charts and short videos that review the “Motives” watch lists & open trades   

You can also post your comments and questions in the Chart Room.

Weekly Video Reports

Identify short watch list of emerging setups.

Weekly Video Reports

Notify when emerging setups trigger & become open trades

Intra-Week Charts and Videos

Updates on emerging setups and open positions.

Enhance your trading and investing skills

Educational training courses

Some free basic educational material included in the Learning Page.

On-demand training e-Courses are available

Personal mentoring

Many traders get to a point where they need some help to get to the next level.

Who is TradingMotives?

  • Graham Corbishley is the founder and owner of TradingMotives. He has been a professional trader since 2007 managing his own private equity fund. He believes that learning to trade successfully is much easier if you have direction and the right level of support. 
  • Markets are often complex. Subjective opinions, or news adds to the complexity. Graham uses Median Line Analytics which is objective. Enables you to cut through market “noise” & see the real story contained in the chart.
  • The methods Graham uses are well documented and have proven rules and guidelines. Graham has also developed methods to apply Median Line Analytics to enhance the use of the Elliott Wave Principle & Classical Charting patterns.
Graham Corbishley

Graham Corbishley


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Every trader and investor is unique and the only way to really know whether you have synergy with our methods is to look at a sample of applications in real time. That’s why we offer a discounted trial.

Free Chart of the Week

If you’re not ready to subscribe, register for our free Chart of the Week which will show you real time applications of Median Line Analytics.

Once you register, submit any questions by email prior to the end of each month & a selection will be covered in the video content every 1st week of the month.